Soapstone Carving in School
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What Will A Typical Carving Class Entail?


Class will consist of an assortment of pre chosen silhouettes (they can be the same or all different), once chosen we will begin by shaping the soapstone with rasps to get a desired style.  During carving we will discuss soapstone, it's place in the lapidary carving field and how it compares to other minerals in the carving format.


After we have gotten our stone carved the way we like it we will go through a series of sanding phases to achieve a finished texture on the stone. Finished textures will be dependent upon the carver to achieve, we will also discuss the different ways too achieve this on both soapstone and other stone as well.


Once sanding is completed we will then take the final step in finishing the project with a finishing oil.  During this time we will also discuss other alternatives to accomplish a finish on soapstone and other minerals as well. The process from start to finish takes 1 .5 hours.


School Kits
School Sizes slightly differ than our regular kits.
They are not packaged to reduce pricing for the classroom. Tools and finishing supplies are rented or part of our instructor package.
$9 per student
$10 per student with instruction
Grades 7-12 Require a larger kit at $15 per student

Safety Concerns in the Classroom



We do all the carving in buckets of water to prevent any dust. This also allows for quick tidy up and a clean classroom.



Our soapstone is Certified Asbestos Free. We will email you the report as part of your booking package.



Kindergarden and Grade One students do all shaping with mesh sandpapers.

Grade one and up we use a small rasp to promote hand dexterity and motor skill development. The tools are abrasive, but not sharp.


Finishing Oil:

We use a food-safe, 100% tung oil.



We will provide you with a criminal record check as part of your booking package. This class can easily be taught in class by teachers. We also have an option for Zoom instruction in the classroom. 


This projects already promotes social distancing as each student has their own carving stone, tools and carving bucket. 

Teachers Pet also provides in Class carving Field Trips!!

Our kits can also be found through Teacher's Pet.



Use this form if you are ordering for in class carving instruction, for orders that do not require in class instruction please email with your order, school or organization and shipping information.


Submit this form or Email us at with the following info:


We highly recommend students will carve in water to prevent any dust and facilitate an easy clean up.

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