ATTENTION PARENTS and DAY HOME WORKERS WITH BORED CHILDREN.... but also bored Adults that love ART. :)

All of us with kids at home, or day homes, wondering how they are going to keep everyone busy during these times, check us out, We make do it yourself soapstone carving kits (great for all ages). Our primary gig is to go into the Alberta school system and teach your wonderful children the art of stone carving. With school shut down, we are also shut down, BUT soapstone as an art does not need to be shut down! You can do it on your own, you can do it with your family, you can do it over facetime or skype with long distance family or friends, you can still carve and make art together as a family while also supporting a small family business during these tough times, our kits come with everything needed to complete the project, you just need some time, a little bit of water and a desire to make some art that will last forever.

During this school shut down We are now offering TEACHER PRICING on all of our kits.

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Three sizes to choose from

Small Medium & Large

Let your


do the rest!

We provide

 you with a       

cutout shape.

Best Sellers

Our kits contain everything you need to create your very own soapstone carving.


Our kits are offered in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Each kit contains 1 soapstone animal cutout, 3 stages of sandpaper, 1 tube of finishing oil, and instructions.

The Medium and Large kits also contain a rasp.


We have a kit for every age!


About Our Soapstone Kits

We sell raw soapstone too!

1-2000 lb pieces