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Soapstone in the Classroom

Soapstone Carving in the Classroom , in school field trips , art class
Soapstone Sandpaper and tung oil
Soapstone Bear Cut out ready for carving
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Rubbleroad demo school  (2)

Rubbleroad demo school (2)

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Bring Soapstone into the Classroom with our School Kits!
Kindergarten to Grade 12

Whether bringing in our instructors into your school, using Zoom online or using the kits in your classroom, students will learn hands on how to make a soapstone carving. Encouraging creativity your students will learn how to increase their hand dexterity how to think 3D around a sculpture and the properties of the rock and mineral that is soapstone. Students will complete their very own finished soapstone carving in an hour and a half

Let your students discover the wonders of carving soapstone in our creative workshops. Our carving class kits include everything each student will need to create a finished soapstone carving. We supply all tools and materials needed. Special pricing is given to school groups and do not come boxed individually. 

The School Size are our Small kits.
They are not packaged to reduce pricing for the classroom, but still contain the same kit contents you see in our store.
            Our Carving Programs start at $14 per student if booking1-2 class bookings (in person or zoom)
$13 per student if booking 3+ classes (in person or zoom)
$12 per student if you plan to use our YouTube tutorials or no instruction is required
  • In person ZOOM sessions available upon request
  • Also check out our YouTube channel for some Free Tutorials that can be used in your classroom!
  • Grades 7-12 have the option of using a larger kit at $22.00 per student

In Class Fieldtrip

Our instructors will come to your classroom with everything needed to complete the carving in class. Our carver will explain the properties of soapstone and will guide each student to finishing their sculpture. Sculptures will be oiled at the end of class. A typical length of class from K-12 is 1.5 hours.