Soapstone in the Classroom

Soapstone Carving in the Classroom , in school field trips , art class
Soapstone Bear Cut out ready for carving
Soapstone Sandpaper and tung oil
Soapstone Carving kit shape selections , bear, wolf , orca , bison, beaver,rabbit , fox, loon, polar bear

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School Kits
The School Size are our Small kits.
They are not packaged to reduce pricing for the classroom, but still contain the same kit contents you see in our store.
$12 + per student
  • Free ZOOM sessions available upon request
  • Also check out our YouTube channel for some Free Tutorials that can be used in your classroom!
  • Grades 7-12 have the option of using a larger kit at $18 per student
Rubbleroad demo school  (2)

Rubbleroad demo school (2)

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What Will A Typical Carving Class Entail?


We are BACK doing In school field trips, OR if you are out of the Edmonton area we are now offering FREE tutorials on our YouTube Channel Rubble Road Soapstone, as well as FREE zoom sessions with the purchase of class sets to help guide the students virtually through the carving process,  Class will consist of an assortment of pre chosen silhouettes (they can be the same or all different), once chosen we will begin by shaping the soapstone with rasps or sandpaper depending on the project,  to get a desired style.  During carving we will discuss soapstone, it's place in the lapidary carving field and how it compares to other minerals in the carving format.


After we have gotten our stone carved the way we like it we will go through a series of sanding phases to achieve a finished texture on the stone. Finished textures will be dependent upon the carver to achieve, we will also discuss the different ways too achieve this on both soapstone and other stone as well.


Once sanding is completed we will then take the final step in finishing the project with a finishing oil.  During this time we will also discuss other alternatives to accomplish a finish on soapstone and other minerals as well. The process from start to finish takes 1 .5 hours.