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Owl Medium Soapstone Carving Kit

Make your very own soapstone carving! All you need is a little elbow grease and a little imagination. We provide you with a cut out animal to give you a good starting point, a carving rasp , 2 stages of sandpaper, tung oil to bring out the beautiful colors and basic carving instructions. Every thing you need to complete the kit is included!


COLOR: Reward at the end of Carving! Stone color will be a total surprise until the carving is done and the carving is oiled, showing off the beautiful colors inside the stone. 


SIZE: This size is perfect for ages 12 and up who want to carve a full 3D Animal. Owl comes approximately 4"x2.25"x1.5"


SAFE: Carve in water or dip stone in water to avoid dust and easy clean up. Certified Asbestos Free, food grade finishing oil and all natural non toxic materials.


AGE: Great for the entire family while Camping, Backyard, Families and Rainy Days!


HOW TO: Check out our YouTube Channel or website: Rubble Road Soapstone, for lots of stone carving instructions and many useful tips and tricks!


We hand cut each stone from Brazilian Soapstone which is the softest carving stone and has the widest range of colors.

Made in Canada.


Note: Carving Rasp shape and brand will vary

Owl Medium Soapstone Carving Kit

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